Style: Wild Spirit
Media: Oil on Canvas / Charcoal on Canvas

Born in Solapur in 1980. Anand Sai has won many awards like State Level Art Award, Camlin Award & more. He has done group shows as well as solos. He feels that Horse is one of the most beautiful & affectionate creatures in this world that possesses various qualities such as courage, love, energy, royalty, emotion, loyalty & speed. When he had hit rock bottom in his life, he accidentally drew a horse and all of a sudden he regained his lost energy. His horse paintings gave him power and a new perspective to look towards life. Charcoal has been used for some of his paintings.

His thought behind making Horse painting by Charcoal is: when things burn, they turn into Charcoal (Koyla) and Charcoal has an ability to be born again. Hence his creations, in the form of horses, symbolise New Life and Energy.