Shashikant Dhotre Art_Studio Black Tulip

Shashikant Dhotre

Style: Realistic Artwork  
Media: Pencile and Pastels drawing on paper

Born in 1982 in Solapur is an Indian Contemporary painter. His artwork is known for its combination of intricacy and starkness. Shashikant Dhotre won many awards like Kohinoor of Maharashtra Awards, Maharashtrian of the Year Awards in 2016 and many more.
Shashikant’s artwork has the rare quality of looking alive and gives the impression of human existence is neither rural nor urban but rooted in purity and beauty. He uses colour pencils & paper for his awe-inspiring drawing. Also conducts his own shows.

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 Ashwin Kadam Art_Studio Black TulipAshwin Kadam

Style: Abstract
Media: Stone pigmentation

Born in 1984 in Amravati and graduated from Sir J.J School of Arts, Mumbai. Ashwin Kadam has won several awards like India Art Festival Award in 2015, Art Society of India Award in 2007 and many more.

Ashwin Kadam uses acrylic colours to paint his artwork. He often connects his paintings with childhood memories. He has a vast collection of his paintings abroad.

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Kiran Hotkar_Studio Black Tulip

Kiran Hotkar

Style: Miniature artwork
Media: Acrylic/ Oil

Born in Solapur in 1982 and graduated under Directorate of Art Maharashtra State Govt. He is known for his miniature paintings. Kiran Hotkar has got a special interest in miniature paintings and says that Art, in the miniature form is infact an old practice in India. Hence he takes this as a challenge and continues to show his talent through his miniature paintings.

Kiran Hotkar has been working as an artist with major production houses like Walt Disney, Pixar, Rainbow, Pictures, Universal Studios & many more.

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Sandeep Ghule_Studio Black Tulip

Sandeep Ghule

Style: Landscape
Media: Oil on canvas

 Born in 1984 and has great hands in the art field. Sandeep Ghule has won many awards like State Art Award, Maharashtra, The Bombay Art Society and many more. He has done group as well as solo shows.

Sandeep Ghule’s artwork stands out with its use of textures and fine details which are shown off by the soft colour palette. Although it appears to be simple at first glance, the paintings are highlighted by its glowing colours and sharp shading which portrays a strong sense of realism.

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Studio Black Tulip_Anand Sai

Anand Sai

Style: Wild Spirit
Media: Oil on Canvas / Charcole on Canvas

Born in Solapur in 1980. Anand Sai has won many awards like State Level Art Award, Camlin Award & more. He has done group shows as well as solos. He feels that Horse is one of the most beautiful & affectionate creatures in this world that possesses various qualities such as courage, love, energy, royalty, emotion, loyalty & speed. When he had hit rock bottom in his life, he accidentally drew a horse and all of a sudden he regained his lost energy. His horse paintings gave him power and a new perspective to look towards life. Charcoal has been used for some of his paintings.

His thought behind making Horse painting by Charcoal is: when things burn, they turn into Charcoal (Koyla) and Charcoal has an ability to be born again. Hence his creations, in the form of horses, symbolise New Life and Energy.

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